Snow and Ice Management Consultants

Looking to switch career gears slightly but still stay in Snow and Ice Management? We are looking for qualified individuals to add in area markets for consultant and job opportunities. After reviewing the information below, please contact Anthony Bonventre, Snow Control President, to inquire about servicing your local area. Keep in mind, area markets are limited.


Must be an experience snow and ice professional

Accepted Certifications

  • Advanced Snow Manager (SIMA)
  • ASCA-C
  • Certified Snow Professional, CSP (SIMA)
  • Must own or operated Commercial Snow business for more than 5 years
  • Retired or Past Highway Supervisor or Superintendent
  • Civil Engineering Degree

Proof of Insurance (E and O policy)

Provide first class customer service

Why become a Snow Control Consultant?

Take advantage of some of the opportunities to increase your own business while joining our team! 

Earn extra income
As we receive requests from property managers in your market, we will schedule you for the required services. Our consultants fee is paid by Snow Control based on services provided. 

Become the leader in your market
We have a limited number of markets (200) ranging from Maine to Virginia and as far west as 

Variety of job opportunities
Every prospective job site is unique. Each with their own challenges and requirements.

Develop a flexible work schedule
We will schedule and assign tasks around your personal work schedule. 

Increase snow and ice management knowledge
Join our exclusive webinars or online training courses to improve operations and efficiency when in the field. 

Recognized expert
All of our snow and ice consultants will be identified as our Snow and Ice Experts. Our experts will indicated on our website and provided top level placement in their regions.

Interested in becoming a consultant?

Limited opportunities availble. Don't miss out on your chance to make some additional income while operating your own business.